Leaf cotton swab pouch packing


Size: 100 Stick Count (Pack of 1 pouch)

Brand: Leaf cotton swab

Material: Cotton

Shape: Round

Net Quantity: 1 calendar in 12 pouch

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Introducing Leaf Cotton Swabs, a versatile and essential addition to your personal care routine. This pack, thoughtfully designed for convenience, contains 100 cotton swabs neatly bundled in a single pouch.

Crafted from high-quality cotton, these swabs boast a round shape, ensuring gentle and effective application for various purposes. Whether you’re perfecting your makeup, applying skincare products, or tending to first aid needs, Leaf Cotton Swabs are designed to meet your diverse requirements.

Each pack is not just a collection of swabs; it’s a comprehensive solution packaged with care. The net quantity of 1 calendar, distributed across 12 pouches, ensures a steady supply for your daily needs. The compact design makes Leaf Cotton Swabs an ideal companion for home, travel, or on-the-go use.

Choose Leaf Cotton Swabs for a reliable and hygienic solution to your daily personal care and grooming needs. Upgrade your routine with the quality and convenience offered by Leaf.


12 piece, 6 piece, 3 piece


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Leaf cotton swab pouch packing
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